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Duration 2 Days
Seats 10
Location Chennai
Branch Dental » General
Rs. 35000 /-
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This two days course has sessions which are comprised of lectures,
hands-on exercise,Live Surgery and interactive discussions using zygomatic implants.Lectures will cover the following topics:

Demograpics & impact of edentulism,patient evaluation&
treatment planning,treatment options for edentulous 
situation,biomechanics&principles of Zygomatic implants,
Surgical protocol and fabrication of temporary&final prothetic options.

Hands-on Exercises will cover surgical placement of zygomatic implants on dummy skull models.

This course is aimed at Oral & Maxillofacial surgeons and their restorative partners
who are proficient at rehabilitating the edentulous maxilla with dental implants and want to extent their expertise to Zygoma implants.

After this two-day course the participant will...

- Understand the unique advantages of Zygoma treatment concept
- Have adequate knowledge about biomechanical principles behind the immediate
   loading of complete edentulous arches
-Be able to plan cases to be treated with this treatment option
-Be able to rehabilitate complex edentulous maxilla with zygomatic implants
-Be able to identify the importance of team work to deliver a successful treatment

Pre requisite for this course is experience level 2 which means the 
participant should have a prior experience of rehabilitating
edentulous jaws.

Team includes Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons,Prosthodontists,a
Radiologist and an Anaesthetist.

Day 1:

-Treatment Planning
 -Pre-Treatment records
 -Investigations including Radiology
 -Regional Anatomy
 -Surgical Protocols and Techniques
 -Surgical Armamentarium
 -Surgical Demonstration - Zygoma implants fixture placement
  (from operation theatre to lecture hall via two way communication)
 -Surgical Hands on Workshop on skull models


Day 2:

- Conventional Vs.Zygocatic implant connection mechanism
 - Multi unit Abutments
 - Principles of Impression making
 - Jaw relation recording
 - Occulsal considerations
 - Dental Laboratory interaction
 - Maintenance and follow up 
 - Complications,Surgical,Prosthetic and others

1) Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon  INR 35,000
2) Maxillofacial Surgeon + Restorative Clinician INR 60,000





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