Comprehensive Course on Basic and Advanced Rotary Endodontics

Academy Apex Dental AcademyView
Duration 2 Days
Seats 7
Location Surat
Branch Dental » Endodontics
Rs. 14800 /-
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Course Highlights

  • Introduction to endodontics
  • Diagnosis (endo-perio lesion) diagnostic tests
  • Anesthesia techniques (supplemental anesthesia)
  • lecture and demonstration on isolation principles. Demonstration and hands-on rubber dam application
  • Selection criteria (single visit/multiple visit)
  • Access preparation
    • Modifications in access preparation (finding all)
    • Refinement of access preparation
  • locating canal orifices (different methods)
    • Dealing with calcifications
  • Understanding taper variable vs fixed
  • Shaping techniques (use two systems for hands on)
    • Modified crown down technique
    • Dual taper technique
    • Apical gauging
  • Irrigation protocol - Disinfection in endodontics
  • Rationale of irrigation in endodontics
    • Learn different techniques of disinfection
    • Use innovative endo irrigator plus for irrigation
    • Learn how to confidently manage lesions of endo. origin
  • Intra-canal medicaments
    • Obturation techniques
    • Understanding and matching the taper
    • Selecting the master cone
    • Cold lateral vs warm vertical condensation
    • Sealers
  • Post-endodontic restoration
    • Coronal seal
    • Choice of materials
    • Techniques for coronal seal
  • Post and core
    • Selection criteria
    • Types of post
    • Techniques of post placement
  • Introduction to magnification in Endodontics & Surgery

How the course is different from other courses:

  • Hands on of 3 different Endo systems with 3 different techniques (1st time in India)
  • Hands on of access opening included
  • Hands on of Post-Core included
  • Learn various irrigation system

Participants has to get:

  • 2 extracted teeth without access cavity preparation (1 should be mandibular 1st molar). Teeth are not to be mounted in plaster blocks.
  • Diagnostic instruments: Mouth Mirror, Probe, Tweezer
  • Air rotor & burs for access cavity preparation
  • Also document one of your failed/difficult cases & mail it to Dr. Ankit J Desai at before 1/12/15. (Pre- & Post-Endo. IOPA is must) Out of all the cases, few will be selected for an Interactive session/panel discussion on the 2nd day.
  • Course fees include scientific sessions, Course materials (3 Different Systems), Tea and a breakfast, Lunch and evening Tea.
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