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Duration 2 Months
Seats 5
Location Noida
Branch Dental » Endodontics
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modeule 1

The Art of Diagnosis- Discover the Hidden

 Chief complaint- how the patient gives you diagnosis.
 Chief complaint- how the patient gives you diagnosis.
 Consider medical history- can complicate the treatment.
 Intraoral and extraoral examiation
 Radiographic examination
 Cyst / granuloma / abcess
 Clinical test
 Heat/cold/EPT- when and how?

Working Length Determination

 Files required.
 Apex locater- how to include in practice.
 Radiographic determination.
 Determination of working length- ideal way of calculation.
 Files required
 Apex locater- how to include in practice
 Radiographic determination
 Determination of working length- ideal way of calculation
Practical Demonstration
 Access opening on mounted tooth
 Coronal enlargement using appropriate files .
 Working length using radiographic method / RVG SYSTEMS / CONE SHIFT TECHNIQUES.

Module 2

Biomechanical Preparation

Files to be used: K files/ H files
 Correct method of filing
 Initial techniques- hand filing
 Till what size???- criteria of determining the size
 Step back technique : most commonly used
 Crown down technique : tedious
 Hybrid: forms the basis of rotary endodontics

Rotary Endodontics

 Necessary evil- how?.
 Selecting the right system.
 File systems?.
 How the tooth determines the type of file to be used.
 Reciprocations vs rotations Practical demonstrations.
 Initial BMP using hand files.
 Sequential use of rotary files.
 Continuous irrigation.
 Continuous irrigation.

Irrigation Protocol

Selecting the right irrigant.
 Sodium hypochlorite/ saline/ chlorohexidine/ EDTA- criteria to use them.
 Volume of irrigant.
 Modifications of irrigating technique

Module 3

Obturation System

Selection of sealer.
 Zinc oxide eugenol based/ resin based/ MTA based.
 Basic obturation protocol.
 Single cone obturation technique


 Obturation of open apex.
 Roll cone technique- beginning of the end.
 Single step apexification- MTA Plug.

Practical Demonsration

 Obturation techniques.
 Use of MTA in routine practice




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