Implantology for clinical Practitioners

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Duration 5 Months
Seats 10
Location Lucknow
Branch Dental » Implantology
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This innovative program is designed for dentists seeking practical knowledge in field of implants dentistry.

Emphasis will be giveb on showing the participants on how to apply the techniques through exercise on model and live demonstration.Participants will be given an opportunity to practice their skills on patients.

   The course emphasis on augmentation,red and white esthetic,proper impression making and lab communication.We encourage friendly and cooperative interaction  among our participants and our mentor regardless of the clinical experience of the participants.

  The Team is highly conductive to open discussion and providing a forum for dentist to solve future problems with the mentor.


Course Outline and scope:This course is intended to be a rigorous,fast paced,intractive,instructional exercise that will enable the participant to imbibe the essential principles and practice of oral Implantology.


  Module 1(Surgical Management)

Course contents

Day 1-17 Nov 2018

  • Introduction to the  course
  • History of Implantology  
  • Clinical and radiographic Anatomy & Resorption Patterns
  • Medical,Dental Evaluation and  Contraindications
  • Anatomy for dental implants
  • Bone Physiology
  • Bone Healing and osseointegration


Day 2 -18 Nov 2018

  • Implants types,designs,Surfaces & Connections
  • Bio Mechanics
  • Dagnosis and treatment planning
  • Introduction to the implant system
  • Hands on-OPG Diagnosis and Tracing
  • Hands on trainin-implant placement on dummy Mandibles

Day 3 -19th Nov

Incisions and flap design

  • Stage 1 Surgery
  • Surgical procedures and complications
  • Basic clinic requirements for implant dentistry
  • Documentation,records and clinical photography
  • Live surgical patient demo-Basic Surgery and implant placement
  • Participant implant placements

Module 2 (Prosthetic Management) – After 3 months Dates to be announced

Day 4:

Prosthetic options and considrations

Treatment planning for fixed and removable Prosthesis

  • Prosthetic design-Screw Vs cement retained
  • Implant impressions
  • Abutment Vs Implant level
  • Open vs closed tray
  • Demonstration of Prosthetic components
  • Demonstration on open and closed tray impressions on cast and patient
  • Hands on for impressions on cast

Day 5 :

  • Implant provisionalisation
  • Abutment selection
  • Demonstrtaion of delivery of single implant restoration on patient
  • Uncovery and impressions by participants on patients

Day 6:

  • Implant Restorations-single to full arch restorations from start to end
  • Jaw relations
  • Lab communication and steps
  • Prosthetic Delivery
  • Implant occlusion
  • Delivery of Prosthesis by participants on patients


Certificate Distribution Ceremony


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