Laser Dentistry Module in cohine

Academy Academy of Laser And Aesthetic Dentistry - ALADView
Duration 3 Days
Seats 5
Location kochi
Branch Dental » General
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Types of laser?
 How it works?
 Laser tissue interactions?
 Difference between hard and soft tissue lasers?
 Different wavelengths and its clinical application?
 Difference between contact and non-contact mode?
 Differences between CW and GP?
 How to avoid charring and how it helps in better healing?
 Difference between 15 W and 5W lasers?
 Maximum power required in dental procedures
 How laser works on the tissues?
 Anatomic considerations in laser dentistry?


Laser parameters for different types of soft tissue conditions
 Techniques, benefits, drawbacks and comparisons of conventional techniques
 Which diameter of tips to buy?
 Difference between quarts and fiber tips activation
 Do you really need to activate the tips for all periodontal treatments?
 How laser power varies from keratinized and non- keratinized tissues
 Gingival soft tissue surgeries that can be done using Laser
 Which all cases can you avoid using local anesthesia?
 Which all cases should you not use laser without a physician’s concent?
 Chromophores used to enhance the treatment
 What is the difference between chromophores and photosensitizing agents?
 Laser as bacterial decontamination
 How to avoid laser contact to tooth and hard tissue while doing pocket disinfection
 Sequence of healing and post-operative instructions
 Antibiotics interferance with the healing sequence of laser treated tissue
 How to control thermal damage


 How laser aids in the psychological approach of a child, towards dental treatment
 How laser can be used in diagnostic and preventive procedures
 How to execute painless pulpectomy and pulpotomy without the use of injections
 Can laser be used on neonates?
 How to enhance fluoride application with laser
 How laser can be used to enhance speech in a pedo patient
 How to achieve a painless exposure of teeth to assist eruption
 The differences between restorative procedures in adult and pedodontic teeth
 Power settings for pedodontic laser procedures


Can laser be used for cavity preparation?
 How to give laser anesthesia?
 How to diagnose caries with laser?
 Can laser be used in selective ablation of carious lesion?
 How to prevent microleakage while restoring laser cavity?
 What are the protocols for laser assisted canal obturations?
 Can laser assisted periapical surgeries be done without a flap?
 How to treat cervical abrasion with laser?
 What wavelength of lasers helps in fast movement of tooth in orthodontic treatments?
 Can orthodontic brackets be reused if treated with laser


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