General Dentistry Course in delhi

Academy Delhi Dental AcademyView
Duration 2 Months
Seats 6
Location Delhi
Branch Dental » General
on 01 Nov 2022

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It includes Prosthodontics, Endodontics, Oral Surgery, Periodontics, Pedodontics and Aesthetic Dentistry Main emphasis is given on patient treatment

Prosthodontia Topics

  •  Steps of tooth preparation
  •  Diagnosis and treatment planning
  •  Impression procedure and Gingival Retraction
  •  Temporization
  •  Cementation
  •  Complete denture
  •  Full mouth rehabilitation
  •  Overdenture
  •  Maryland bridge
  •  All ceramic crowns and bridges
  •  Flexible RPDS
  •  Post and core

Endodontia topics:

  •  Access cavity preparation
  •  Burs ,files and medicaments
  •  Cleaning and shaping
  •  Obturation
  •  Bleaching
  •  Trouble shooting in RCT
  •  Rotary Endodontics
  •  RVG
  •  Apex locater

Periodointia topics :

  •  Crown lengthening
  •  Frenectomy
  •  Deigmentation
  •  Flap surgery
  •  Scaling and polishing


  •  Extraction
  •  Pulpotomy and pulpectomy

Oral surgery :

  •  Nerve blocks
  •  Exodontia
  •  Impaction
  •  Dry socket
  •  Medical Emergencies
  •  Medication
  •  Space infection
  •  Fracture treatment

Aesthetic dentistry :

  •  Smile designing
  •  Tooth jewellery
  •  Veneers



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