No post No crown dentistry

Duration 3 Days
Seats 20
Location Chennai
Branch Dental » Prosthodontics
Rs. 23000 /-
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A Three day course on the principles of Biomimetics, will equip the dental professionalsto choose and place effective, long lasting posterior restorations for replacing lost tooth structure via directSemi Direct Composites, Indirect Ceramic Restorations (inlays, onlays, overlays, veneerlays and crowns), combining interactive Lectures, demonstrations and hands-on sessions in clinical skills

Day 1: "Predictable Posterior Composites: A Simplified Concept"


  • Simple and predictable technique ("The Simplified Concept") that will allow the dentist to produce lifelike Class I and II restorations.
  • Modern cavity designs : Which cusp to save!
  • How to reduce C factor and stress in restorations
  • Various bonding systems : what, when and where to use for successful results
  • How to ensure “Zero Sensitivity” in deep vital restorations
  • Ways to create ideal interproximal contacts: Snow Plow technique
  • Different Matrices, Rings, Systems and Wedges
  • The role of Pre wedging
  • Different Matrices, Rings, Systems and Wedges
  • Teflon wedges
  • Opaquers and tints
  • Finishing and polishing protocol.

Demo and Hands On:

  • Fabricating lifelike Class II posterior restoration using a simplified “Simultaneous modeling technique and the snow plow technique”
  • Changing a Deep Class II cavity to easily manageable Class I cavity design

Day 2 & 3: Biomimetic Principle: Semi Direct & Indirect Bonded Restorations


  • Material science and blurring lines between inlays, onlays, table tops and crowns.
  • Concept of occlusal veneers and veneerlays
  • Limitations of alloy restorations- amalgam bans
  • Cusp reinforcement by the acid-etch technique
  • Brief introduction to rubber dam application
  • DME: Deep Margin Elevation
  • Immediate dentin sealing
  • Basic preparation designs for ceramic and composite indirect posterior restorations
  • Oscillating instruments
  • Impressioning the preparations
  • Provisionalisation
  • Lab communication
  • Bonding protocols for indirect ceramic posterior restorations
  • Bonding protocols for indirect ceramic posterior restorations
  •  Semi direct chairside restorations: Indirect Composite with die silicon
  • Cementation for semi direct restorations
  • Polishing protocol
  • Conditioning of the restoration
  • Conditioning of the tooth surface
  • Myth and Facts
  • Liners,
  • Lightpolymerization,
  • c-factor
  • Tips and tricks
  • Case discussions  

Demonstration and Hands On Models:


  • Overlay/Onlay Design for Bonded restoration
  • Impressioning the Preparation
  • Die fabrication using die silicon
  • Fabricating Semi Direct Composite Overlay using layering technique
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Dr Nisar Ahmed

Mar 09, 2018

Coming to indirect restoration course I was puzzled how can a tooth be restored without post and core but she showed a lot of techniques which was very useful. Before this course I hate composite now I have developed affinity towards composites I recommend this course to ones who hate deep composite fillings and phenomenal Complete denture course to all dentists to gain lot of confidence in complete denture making. Thank you for letting us know all the secrets in pros-tho and instant support after course

Dr Rachna Fernandes

Mar 09, 2018

It gives me immense pleasure writing this review. Most definitely it was a positive learning curve for all dentists from across the country to be a part of this course. Not only was it interactive but Dr. Shivangi went out of her way to confirm that each one gets their concept clear. It wasn't too verbose and was kept to the topic in perspective and very well understood by everyone in presence.

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