Microscopic Endodontics Hands on Training program

Academy Access Dental Institute - Root Canal CenterView
Duration 3 Days
Seats 15
Location Chennai
Branch Dental » Endodontics
Rs. 35000 /-
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Day 1


  • Magnification in Endodontics
    • Loupes – selection, types and parameters.
    • Microscopes – Parfocaling, IPD adjustment, magnification etc.
  • Access opening & tracing extra-canals.
    • MB2 / extra-canal tracing using Ultrasonics.
  • Access Refinement using Ultrasonic tips (CAP tips & Start X tips).
  • Management of Calcifications, pulp stones etc.
  • Apical Patency, Orifice widening, WL & Glide Path.
    • Loupes – selection, types and parameters.
    • Use of Endo Curzor& C+ Files to negotiate blocks, calcifications in apical patency.
    • Apex Locators and Rotary / Recipro Glide Path files.

DEMO & HANDS ON (Using Magnification)

  • Access opening with Endo Access Burs & Access Refinement using Ultrasonic Tips.
  • MB2 tracing in max molars & locating extra-canals – DG 16, Ultrasonics.
  • Use of Endo Curzor& C+ Files in calcified canals, pulp stones, blocks to achieve Patency.
  • WL with Apex Locators.
  • Glide Path using Rotary / Recipro single file.

Day 2


  • RECIPRO / ROTARY Instrumentation - Principles & Practice.
  • SINGLE FILE Systems – canal specific selection criteria.
  • Irrigation dynamics &Irrigant activation protocols.
  • Warm Vertical Compaction – Types.
  • CORE Concepts
  • RE-TREATMENT – selection of cases, steps and Re-treatment Files.

DEMO & HANDS ON (Using Magnification)

  • Irrigant activation protocols using Sonic Endo Activator & Ultrasonic Irrisafe.
  • Laser Disinfection.
  • Warm Vertical compaction with Guttacore / Downpack & Backfil.
  • Re-treatment – Rotary Removal of GP using Re-treatment files, ledges, blocks etc.



  • PERFORATION – How to avoid, management.
  • MTA – Applications, types & market products available.
  • Bio-Ceramic Sealers – clinical case selection for applications.
    • How to minimize instrument separation.
    • Bypassing techniques & protocols.
    • Instrument retrieval – when & where to attempt.
    • Step-wise Instrument retrieval techniques.
    • Use of Ultrasonic Tips – specific size, no & shape for retrieval.

DEMO & HANDS ON (Using Magnification)

  • PERFORATION management using MTA
  • Separated Instrument retrieval using Ultrasonic Tips.

Valedictory & Certification


  1. The Program is designed exclusively for 10 participants to enable personalized attention & interaction.
  2. Participants will be provided Individual Microscopes and Loupes for all hands on exercises
  3. The participants MUST have finished their BASIC MODULE on Rotary Endo either with us (or) already practicing Rotary Endo.
  4. The lectures are advanced &tailored more for clinical practice.
  5. Demo & Hands-on exercises include Access refinement using Ultrasonics, MB2 Tracing, use of Endo Curzor, Shaping with Single File Recipro, Laser Disinfection & Warm Vertical Compaction.
  6. Lecture, Demo & Hands-on on complex procedures like Re-treatment, Perforation management with MTA, Separated Instrument retrieval using Microscope & Ultrasonic Tips to be done by all participants.
  7. Participants will be awarded Course completion certificate.

Instructions to Participants:

  • Participants should bring Handpiece (Airotor&Micromotor Contra-angle).
  • Participants can bring extra natural teeth for practice
  • Participants can carry their White coat for Lab work.
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