Online Clinical Laser Dentistry Training

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Duration 7 Days
Seats 15
Location Bangalore
Branch Dental » Endodontics
Rs. 36000 /-


Session Timing And Structure:

Daily 2 hours online - 7 days

Your doubts will be cleared in a unique method that will be well integrated to the course.

Registration Process to be completed

1 Week before commencement of scheduled course.

 Once you contact us confirming your interest in participation we will send you a registration from on whatsapp
 We request the participant to fill the same form and send it back to us on whatsapp

Training Duration 2 HRS

Day 1 

Chapter 1

welcome to the Magic of Laser Dentistry Introduction

1.1  Why Upgrade To Laser Dentistry
1.2 Basics of Laser Dentistry
1.3 Understanding Different Laser Systems in Dentistry
1.4 Basics of Laser Physics Applicable to Dental Lasers
1.5 What makes laser light different?
1.6 Generation of the laser beam
1.7 Basic components of your dental laser
1.8 Classification of dental lasers

Day 2:

Chapter 2 

Diode Lasers in Periodontics and Mucogingival surgeries

2.1 Diode Laser Assisted Periodontal treatment
2.2 Advantages of Laser assisted Periodontal therapy
2.3 Diode Lasers in Mucogingival Surgery
2.3.1 Gingivectomy
2.3.2 Frenectomy
2.3.3 Crown lengthening
2.3.4 Operculectomy

Day 3

Diode Lasers in Endodontics

3.1 Diode Lasers in Endodontics
3.2 Rationale of use of laser in endodontics
3.3 Diode Laser assisted root canal serilization
3.4 Laser assisted endodontic retreatment

Chapter 4

Diode Lasers in oral surgery

4.1 Diode Lasers in minor routine Oral surgery procedures
4.2 Laser soft tissue interaction
4.3 Laser techniques in minor oral surgery procedure
4.3.1 incision and excision
4.3.2 Ablation and Vaporization
4.3.3 Hemostasis

Chapter 5

5.1 Erbium lasers in clinical dentistry
5.2 Erbium laser in restorative dentistry
5.3 Erbium Laser assisted facial esthetics
5.4 Erbium Laser assisted Sleep apnoea

Understanding Maintenance and Working of Your Laser Machine

Day 5

Chapter 6

Diode Lasers In Paediatric Dentistry

6.1 Introducing the Paediatric Patient To Laser
6.2 Diode Laser assisted Paediatric endodontic procedure
6.2.1 Indirect pulp capping
6.2.2 Direct pulp capping
6.2.3 Pulpotomy
6.2.4 Pulpotomy
6.3 Diode Laser assisted Paediaric soft tissue procedure
6.3.1 Ankyloglossia
6.3.2 Abnormal lingual attachment
6.3.3 Growths associated with natal and prenatal teeth

Chapter 7

Diode Lasers in Cosmetic dentistry

7.1 Diode Laser assisted Crown Lengthening
7.2 Diode Laser assisted Depingmentation
7.3 Diode Laser assisted Teeth whitening
7.4 Diode Laser as and adjunct to Orthodontics

Day 6

Chapter 8

Laser therapy in Dentistry

( Applications of therapy laser in oral medicine )

8.1 Mechanism of action of Photobiomodulation
( Laser Therapy )
8.1 Overall clinical application of diode laser assisted photobiomodulation in routine clinical dentistry

Chapter 9

Diode lasers as an adjunct to implant Dentistry

9.1.1 Lasers in implant dentistry
9.1.2 Soft tissue osteotomy
9.1.3 Diode laser for Mucositis and Peri implantitis

Laser a boon for medically compromised patients

Day 7

Chapter 10

Its time to integrate lasers and grow your practics !!!

10.1 Laser a boon for medically compromised patients
10.2 Safety while practicing Laser Dentistry
10.3 It is time to integrate lasers into our practice
10.4 Question and Answers Finale

Upgrade and transform your skills...
Move ahead to build your practice.
Master the art & science of 
laser dentistry!!!

Online Training Registration Details for National Participants
Rs. 36,000/-
Early Bird offer
Rs. 33,000/-
Early Bird cut of date One month 
before the course date.





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