Integrated Clinical Endodontics

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Duration 3 Months
Seats 15
Location Bangalore
Branch Dental » Endodontics
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To train the candidates for clinical readiness in endodontics and fixed prosthodontics by introducing/ updating their knowledge and skill in newer and advanced endodontic and fixed prosthodontics methods and techniques.

  • For candidates with limited or no clinical endodontic and fixed prosthodontic exposure.
  • Recent graduates.
  • Dentists who have taken a break from practice.
  • Candidates seeking to gain thorough knowledge in endodontic therapy and fixed prosthodontics.
  • Candidates seeking to perfect their endodontics and prosthodontic skills.

Course Content

Theory and hands-on training from basics to modern endodontics and fixed prosthetic treatments and Clinical cases.

Lectures and Seminars

Lectures and seminars that cover everything from the very basics of endodontics starting from anatomy and morphology of tooth structure to the most advanced techniques of endodontics covering rotary, single visit RCT, and surgical aspects of endodontics , various types of post & core. The course also included cosmetic dental treatments like veneers/laminates,and fixed prosthetic treatment modalities like tooth preparation for crown and bridges, impression techniques, cementation techniques, occlusion evaluation and correction.

Hands on Clinical Endodontics

Clinical Endodontics Demonstrations and Hands on training with clinical co-relation to understand the internal anatomy, root morphology (sectioning of tooth,hand instrumentation, demonstration of. access preparation for anterior and posteriors, identification / locating the canals , glide path preparation, pulp extirpation, different methods of working length establishment, apex locators, use of RVG, negotiating the calcified canals, use of chelating agents, use of intracranial medicaments, different methods of irrigation, selection of instruments for cleaning and shaping , various instrumentation techniques of Cleaning and shaping.

Advanced Endodontics

Advanced Endodontics rotary crown down preparation, rotary instrumentation of narrow canals, use of hybrid technique for cleaning and shaping (BMP), master cone selection, sealer application methods, evaluation of preparation, obturation techniques for single visit RCT, common mistakes (endodontic mishaps) and their management, re-RCT with rotary endodontics, Use of lasers in endodontics. Pedodontics- Apexification and Apexogenesis.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry Bleaching, internal bleaching, Veneer preparation, temporization, cementation of veneers

Post and Core

Various types of post space preparation and core build up techniques, Impression making for custom made cementation procedures

Fixed Prosthetics

Crown preparation for single and multiple crowns, impression taking for crown and bridges, different types of cementations and occlusal corrections.

Documents to be submitted

  • Copy of internship completion certificate.
  • Copy of degree certificate/ provisional degree certificate.
  • Copy of state dental council registration.
  • Copy of all B.D.S Marks sheets
  • 2 photographs
  • Passport copy/Address Proof ( Only for international/ N.R.I candidates)

List of instruments required

  • Extracted teeth. As many as possible.
  • Typhodont teeth for veneer preparation(Anteriors)/crown preparation(pre-molars & molars)
  • Air-rotor handpiece
  • Micromotor handpiece

List of Instruments / Equipments Provided by the Academy

  • K-files, 21 and 25 mm, 15 to 40 1 box each.
  • H-files, 21 and 25 mm, 15 to 40 1 box each
  • K and H- files 25 mm 40 to 80 1 box each
  • Barbed broaches assorted 15 to 40 1 set
  • Spreaders and pluggers 21 mm 15 to 40 1 box each
  • Protaper hand instruments intro kit 1 box
  • R.C prep or Glide chelating gel 1 unit
  • Rotary instruments Protaper, K3, Mtwo, Hyflex.
  • DG 16 hand instrument
  • GP. Protaper F1, F2, F3,- 20, 25, 30, size 4% and 6% cones
  • Gates Glidden 1 box
  • Peizo reamers 1 box
  • Access cavity burs 1 kit
  • Crown and bridge preparation burs 1 kit
  • IOPA x-RAY 30
  • Enamel tray
  • Metal measuring Scale
  • Endo box for instruments
  • Curved G.P cutting scissors
  • Glass slab
  • Dappen dish
  • McIntosh Sheet
  • Spirit lamp.

NOTE: Academy will assist the candidates in case they are unable to procure any particular item given in the above list.



Basic Science : 

Faculty:- Dr.Raghu Narayan, Dr.Ananth Krishna, Dr.Praveen Kumar,
1. Pulp dentin Complex
2. Internal Anatomy and root Apex
3. Pathways of Pulpal infection and Endodontic microbiology
4. Pulp and Periapical pathology
5. Blood and Nerve supply to heads/ Neck
6. Pharmacology of Local Anesthesia and Nerve block in Endodontics
7. Endodontic Pharmacology(Drugs and Chemicals in Endodontics) 


Basic clinical science

Faculty:- Dr.Ajay, Dr.Chaitra, Dr.Jagadeesh, Dr.Shwetha.
1. CBCT in Endodontics
2. Sterilization & Disinfection
3. Isolation in Endodontics
4. Ergonomics of Dentistry
5. Modern Dentistry Clinical Management


Basic Endodontics:

Faculty:- Dr.Raghu Narayan, Dr.Praveen Kumar, Dr.Ananth Krishna
1. Diagnosis and treatment Planning
2. Management of Pain in Endodontics
3. Diagnostic aids in Endodontics
4. Endodontic Instruments and Standardization 


Clinical Endodontics:

Faculty:- Dr.Raghu Narayan
1. Access Preparation for individual tooth
2. Working Length Determination
3. Cleaning and Shaping and Instrumentation
4. Irrigation and Clinical methods /Sequence of irrigation
5. Intracanal Medicaments
6. Protaper hand instruments and Instrumentation technique
7. Obturation Techniques 


Endodontics for Complex Cases – 6 Days

Faculty:-Dr.Anantha Krishna ( MDS, Endodontist, Asst prof in Dept of
Endodontics and conservative dentistry) , Dr.Raghu Narayan, Dr.Lalith
Vivekanand (MDS, periodontist , associate prof in dept of Periodontics, MRADC)
1. Traumatic injuries and Clinical Management
2. Management of Resorption
3. Geriatric Endodontics
4. Procedural Errors and its management
5. Endo-perio lesions and its management 


Rotary Endodontics:

Faculty:- Dr.Raghu Narayan
1. NiTi Alloy and its properties
2. Principles of NiTi Rotary files
3. Rotary Endodontics
4. Rotary Endodontics Multiple System presentation 


Advanced Endodontics:

Faculty:- Dr.Raghu Narayan, Dr.Ananth Krishna
1. Single Visit Endodontics
2. Advanced Obturation techniques
3. Retreatment
4. Surgical Endodontics
5. Magnification in Endodontics(Loupes & DOM) 


Post Endodontics Restoration:

Faculty:- Dr.Raghu Narayan
1. Access Filling and Core Buildup- sonic fill, duel cureresing, sdr ,
2. Post and Core- threaded metal. Fiber, cast post, direct and indirect
3. Endo Crowns- short crown prepn, bevels, impresson technique, case
selection, cementation 


Fixed Prosthodontics :

Faculty:-Dr.Vasanth Kumar, Dr.Aatish Shah
1. Principles of Tooth preparation
2. Shade Matching
3. Impression Techniques
4. Temporization
5. Cementation
6. Occlusion
7. Full Mouth Rehabilitation
8. Facebow


Aesthetic Dentistry

Faculty:- Dr.Raghu Narayan and Dr.Aatish Shah
1. Veneers and Laminates
2. Tooth Whitening (Internal / Home Bleach /In-office)
3. Smile design
4. Shade selection
5. Cosmetic contouring 


LASERS in Modern Dentistry

Faculty:- Dr.Sairam .S.R
1. LASERS: Science and Principles
2. Lasers in general dental practice
3. Soft tissue LASERS


Clinical Periodontics

Faculty:- Dr.LalithVivekanand
1. Normal Structure and pathophysiology of periodontics
2. Diagnosis and treatment planning-Case Discussion
3. Non surgical Management
4. Endo-Perio Lesions
5. Surgical Management


Advance periodontics

Faculty:- Dr.LalithVivekanand
1. Recent Advances in Clinical Periodontics
2. Bone Grafts
3. Perio Aesthetics
4. Crown lengthening
5. Lasers in Perio
6. Splinting 


Clinical Pedodontics

Faculty:- Dr.Ananth, Dr.Praveen Kumar, Dr.Arihanth
1. Apexification and Apexogenesis
2. Revascularization
3. Pediatric Endodontics
4. St.Steel crowns 


Dental Materials ( Recent Advances)

Faculty-: Dr.Raghu narayan, Dr.Aatish, Dr.Sorna
1. Ceramics
2. Impression materials
3. MTA / Biodentin
4. Composites / DBA 


Restorative dentistry :Composites Aesthetic restorations

Faculty: Dr.Raghu Narayan,
1. Composite veneers – layering with index and freehand modelling
2. Composites Aesthetic restorations – Class-I, Class-II, Class III, Class IV,
Class V
3. Inlay and onlays – preparation , impression and cementation
4. Pink aesthetics with composites
5. Contacts and contours
6. Matrix bands

  • Theory classes (2 Hours): 65 to 70 days
  •  Demonstrations of every procedural step (1 to 2 hours) : 60 days
  •  Preclinical work: (2 to 3 hours) 75 days
  •  Clinical work: 2 to 3 hours(some time full day)40 to 45 days.

(NOTE: The Program Schedule given above is based on Average amount of time
and days utilized for previous batches and may marginally vary) 


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