Diplomate Fellowship in Endodontics

Academy Dr Shankars study club for endodontics and aestheticsView
Duration 3 Months
Seats 15
Location Bangalore
Branch Dental » Endodontics
Rs. 150000 /-
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Extensive Endodontic Education

Weekly Two days- Friday and Saturday
14 hrs per week

A. Module-1

Biology and physiology of Oral Cavity.
Anatomical route map of Dentition.
Development of tooth.
Biology of Pulp Complex.
Pulp and Periradicular disease.
Diagnosis, Diagnostic Method and treatment planning.
Blue print of treatment plan.

B. Module-2

Patient Education and Evaluation.
Local Anesthesia For Endodontics.
Radiology For Endodontics.
Isolation Methods.

C. Module-3

Endodontic Hand cutting Instruments
Endodontic Hand Non-cutting Instruments
Endodontic Rotary Cutting Instruments
Endodontic Rotary Non-cutting Instruments
Instruments Standardization.

D. Module-4

Access Cavity Designs and Instruments.
Methods to identify the orifice.
Reference points/ landmarks.
Working Length determination and its methods.

E. Module-5

Chemo –Mechanical Preparation.
Glide Path and its advantages.
Irrigating solution and devices.
Obturation technique.
Ingles Method
Cold Lateral condensation
Warm Vertical obturation
Continuous wave vertical condensation
Sectional obturation.

F. Module-6

Young Permanent tooth management
Management of abcess and cyst {chronic}
Endodontic Management in Trauma.

G. Module-7
Retreatment : When and How
Endodontic Mishaps
Endodontic Flare ups

H. Module-8
Management of curved canals
Management of Narrow / Calcified canals
Management of Geriatric Patients in Endodontics.
Post Endodontics Restorations.


All Meterials will be provided from academy . Candidates to come empty hand.

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