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You have given a toll of many precious things of your life to have started with your own dental practice. You continue to educate yourself even today to remain updated, you join different courses to learn new skills, you still are doing a lot to serve better than others in this highly competitive world of private dental practices. Don’t you think that all this is for nothing if the patients do not allow your skilled hand to enter in his mouth or if the patient doesn’t says the golden phrase “ok doctor! Please proceed for what you think is required”. Yes…! this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. This phrase clearly reflects that the patient has full faith in you, individually as a doctor and complete trust in your professional skills although only you know how much trained you are as a professional in the initial years of your practice but your patient expect you to be good enough so that he can surrender his mouth to your hands. You want many such moments because only then you’ll become an highly experienced dental surgeon , so what actually is happening? your patients are giving you the opportunity to practice your skills, he’s giving you chance to try and use your new endomotor or a physiodispenser in his mouth, he’s actually letting you practice your hands on him/her but remember the patient will let you do all that only if he/she is convinced with you. 

There are many moments in the practice when we are absolutely right and the procedure done or the procedure advised is also in an ideal form but still patients does not develop the faith to come again to your clinic or recommend you to his friends and the reason is our failure to understand the psychology of a fearful patient , a positive relation with patients is about the journey from FEAR TO FAITH it’s about how you convert one into the other. If you are about to start your practice or have recently started or may be practicing for quite a few years but not satisfied with your output and still not convinced with the need for soft skills and patient management strategies then THINK AGAIN!. Think because it’s up to you to define your future success.

This seminar is all about what you always wanted to know, something what you always wish to know about your practice and that is, how to make it successful? what it takes is just two years if you follow our module. This is not about winning over the patients pocket this about winning something behind that and that’s the heart.”WIN THE HEART POCKET IS YOURS”. 

This is about patients journey from FEAR TO FAITH. This is about the power of WORD OF MOUTH. It’s about UNBREAKABLE HARDCORE SUCCESS. So come and join this seminar and you will always remember this day in your life!  

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