Fixed Orthodontics

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Duration 3 Months
Seats 15
Location Hyderabad
Branch Dental » Orthodontics
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Day 1

Introduction to Orthodontics

Understanding Fixed Orthodontics
Scope of Orthodontics

Introduction to straight wire appliance
Importance of skeletal, dentition and soft tissue relationship in orthodontics.
Goals of orthodontics.

Classification of malocclusion.
Understanding class I, class II & class III malocclusion,varitation and their orthodontic consideration.
Discrepancy in skeletal growth and it\'s implications.

Frequently used orthodontic terms.
Diagnosis of orthodontics patients.
Importance of study model, photograph & x- rays.

Armamentarium set up.

Day 2

Treatment planning in detail.
Treatment planning for class I malocclusion, mid line, crosses bite, crowding, open bite, deep bite and spacing.
Expansion screw, tooth born and tissue born
Understanding extraction vs non extraction vs expansion vs proximal striping
Treatment planning for class II malocclusion
Treatment options for class II in growing and adults patient.
Orthopedic and functional appliances used in class II malocclusion.
Importance of twin block.
Bite registration for twin block.
Introduction to fixed functional appliances.
Treatment for class III malocclusion in growing patient and adult patients.
Methods of gaining space 
Therapeutic extraction.
Special emphasis on deep bite management in growing and adult patients.

Hands on: Intra-oral and Extra-oral photography


Day 1


Introduction to Cephalometrics.
Radiographic cephalometric technique.
Identification of landmark and reference points.
Different horizontal and vertical plane used in cephalometric analysis .

Down\'s analysis.
Steiner analysis.
Demonstration of cephalometric tracing

Hands on:cephalometric tracing.

Introduction to bonding .
Generation of bonding systems.
Bracket placement according to MBT technique.
Bonding in wet field
Special bonding situation
Indirect bonding technique.
Bond strength and bonding failure.
Importance of adhesive remnant index (ari)

Hands on banding and bonding of Braces on models

Day 2

Live Demo: Demonstration of bonding and banding on patient.

On Patients by participants: Banding and bonding on new patient by participants


Day 1

Wires in orthodontics.
Properties of different wires used in orthodontics and it\'s applications.
Treatment planning exercise for participants (Very important part of course which helps in dealing different types of cases with ease)

Day 2

Follow up of the patient started by participants.
Retention and relapse .
Wire bending exercise for TPA, tongue cribs 
Preparation of anterior bite plane.
Use of torquing keys.
Use of turret.

Advanced Modules for Fellowship in Clinical Orthodontics


Single Day

Follow up of the patients started by participants
Different types of retraction mechanism.
Use of active lace back
Use of passive lace back
Figure of eight

On Patients by participants: Banding and bonding on new patient by participants


Single Day

Follow up of the patients started by participants
Golden rules for treatment planning.
Finishing and settling orthodontics cases

Module 6:

Single Day

Follow up of the patients started by participants.
Mini implants.
Use of power arm.
Advantages of ceramic brackets with metal slots.
Advantages of self ligating bracket system.
Orthodontic management of impacted canine .
Success mantra for orthodontic treatment.


  • Accomodation can be recommended from third party vendor at extra cost for both men and women. 
  • Cost of accommodation ranges from 6000 to 10000 per month, inclusive of food.
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