Aesthetic Melange – The Art of Covering Up…!!

Academy Access Dental Institute - Root Canal CenterView
Duration 3 Days
Seats 10
Location Chennai
Branch Dental » General
Rs. 25000 /-
on 26 Jul 2019

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Day 1 :

  • Introduction to smile design.
  • Fabricating the silicon putty index for prep guides and temporization.
  • Armamentarium for tooth preparation.
  • The reality of strength of a restoration.
  • Indication and Contraindications for porcelain laminates.
  • Managing Diastema cases with laminates.
  • Managing Class III ca with laminates.
  • Aesthetic Preevaluavative Temporaries (APT)
  • Aesthetic Pre recontouring (APR)
  • Shade selection.
  • Lab communication.
  • Vital Bleaching.
  • Ceramic Laminate – Tooth preparation on typhodont and Temporization.

Day 2 :

  • The “Bond” in Adhesive Dentistry.
  • Know your Composites.
  • Bleach and Bond.
  • Rubber dam placement and demonstration.
  • Anterior Composite layering technique.
  • How to mask the line of demarcation in a Class IV angle fracture?
  • Creating Textures, Mamellons, Incisal Translucency.
  • Managing Diastemas with Composites.
  • Finishing and polishing of Composites.
  • Rubber dam isolation with Tie floss.
  • Step by Step layering of Composite
  • Isolation with Rubber Dam and Tie floss

Day 3 :

  • Introduction to Dental Photography.
  • Basic Dental photography.
  • Digital smile Design concepts.
  • Documentation and Lab communication.
  • Case discussions.


Step by Step bonding protocols in Porcelain Veneers.

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