Laser Dentistry Research and Review

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Duration 5 Days
Seats 10
Location Bangalore
Branch Dental » General
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on 24 Jul 2019

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Why learn laser dentistry? 

Lasers offer a wide range of treatment options to help prevent,control and treat dental diseases.The advanced form of dentistry helps in rendering the most accurate treatment resulting in excellent prognosis.This helps to transform your practice with greater patient compliance and increased operator efficiency.

Why LDRR for my Laser Dental Education?

The objective of the course is to give you a firm foundation in the science and principles of laser dentistry which can be applied to clinical pratice. Participants will learn how to effectively use lasers and ultimately improve the level of patient satisfaction. It will enable you to tackle laser dental cases independently in your practice Covering all topics of laser dentistry from physics, to clinical situations and clinical tips to provide better clinical performance. Quality personalised Education is our endeavour.

The first known evidence of dental practice dates back to 7000 BC in the Indus Valley Civilization. Dentistry then involved curing tooth disorders using bow drills by skilled specialists. Dentistry as we know today commenced in the 17th century, nearly 25 centuries after Hippocrates and Aristotle documented tooth eruption patterns, tooth decay and gingival diseases. 

Since the onset of modern dentistry this field has borne witness to some of the most spectacular discoveries and innovations. From G V Black’s ‘Extension for Prevention’ to the current conservative procedures the focus of treatment has shifted from ensuring complete cure to ensuring maximum prevention of dental and para-dental diseases. 

Those who thought micro-endodontics and implants were major breakthroughs were to be left astounded again. Laser was first discovered in 1917 by Einstein. It was 1964 before it was used on human tissues and early 1990’s before it was approved by the FDA. The Er:YAG laser gained an FDA approval as recently as 1997. Laser Dentistry is one of the latest applications of Laser. It is already in extensive use in the medical field. Laser offers a clean and hassle free treatment option. With the advent of separate hard and soft tissue lasers, laser dentistry has become more refined and specialised. 

Hard tissue laser as the name suggests is meant for the teeth and the underlying bone. Its versatility extends up to etching, cavity cutting, root canal sterilization, bleaching and surgical procedures involving osseous tissue excision like impaction. Soft tissue laser on the other hand strictly involves gingival and periodontal procedures. It can range from scaling and curettage to LANAP. The versatility of laser is what makes it such an exciting avenue. 

Dentistry has come a long way from barbers pulling out teeth to specialised doctors. The new decade ushers a new era of unprecedented change in the field of dental science. Laser Dentistry is the new standard.

Lasers are quiet, precise, aseptic and pain-free.
Their coagulative and ablative properties make for excellent office tools.
The high speed of the air rotor, sharp instruments and aerosol cloud make for high cross infection rates.
The high speed of the air rotor, sharp instruments and aerosol cloud make for high cross infection rates. Lesser instruments mean lower contamination levels.
The lack of noise and sharp surgical instruments alleviate patient anxiety.
Laser surgeries do not require anaesthesia, post operative suture placement and diet alteration. This further enhances patient compliance.

Lasers are highly technique sensitive. It requires special training that is not currently part of the undergraduate curriculum.
Lasers are high energy photons and pose a definitive risk to skin and naked eye of the dentist and the patient.
Higher wattage can cause the tissue to burn/ vaporise causing extensive tissue damage.
Lasers cannot be used to remove old metallic restorations and for crown preparations.

  A strong clinical foundation for dentist to learn understand and integrate the concept of Non-invasive laser dentistry.  

         On completion of this course dental surgeon should be able to confidently incorporate laser dentistry in their routine clinical dental practice.

Highlights of the Course
       Dr.Kirpa Johar has trained over 100 dentists all across India and all across the Globe !!
        Our participants testimonials consistently across the years affirm our commitment to quality laser dentistry training .

Day 1 :
10.00am-11.30am    -    Laser Physics
11.30am-11.45am    -     Tea break 
11.45am-1.30pm      -    Laser Basics
1.30pm-2.30pm       -     Lunch break 
2.30pm-4.30pm      -    Clinical session Practical and Handson

Day 2 :
 10.00am-11.30am      -      Laser in Periodontics 
 11.30am-11.45am       -     Tea break 
 11.45am-12.45pm       -     Laser in Mucogingival  Surgeries
 12.45pm-1.30pm         -     Laser as an adjunct to Orthodontics
  1.30pm-2.30pm          -     Lunch break 
  2.30pm-4.30pm          -      Clinical session Practical and Handson

Day 3 :
10.00am-11.30am        -     Laser in Cosmetic  Dentistry   
11.30am-11.45am        -     Tea break 
11.45am-12.45pm        -     Laser in Paediatric  Dentistry
12.45pm-1.30pm          -     Laser assisted Facial Esthetics 
 1.30pm-2.30pm           -     Lunch break 
 2.30pm-4.30pm           -     Clinical session Practical and Handson

Day 4 :

10.00am-11.30am          -       Laser in Endodontics   
11.30am-11.45am           -      Tea break 
11.45am-1.30pm             -      Laser in Restorative Dentistry 
1.30pm-2.30pm               -      Lunch break 
2.30pm-4.30pm               -      Clinical session Practical and Handson


Day 5 :

10.00am-11.30am        -        Laser in Oral Surgery 
11.30am-11.45am         -       Tea break 
11.45am-1.30pm           -       Laser in Implant Dentistry
1.30pm-2.30pm             -       Lunch break 
2.30pm-4.30pm             -       Clinical session Practical and Handson

Day 6 :
  10.00am-11.30am       -       Lasers Phototherapy in Dentistry 
  11.30am-11.45am       -       Tea break 
  11.45am-12.15pm       -       Lasers for sleep apnoea 
  12.15pm-1.00pm         -       Lasers Safety
  1.00pm-1.30pm           -       Integrating Lasers in your practice
  1.30pm-2.30pm           -       Lunch break 
   2.30pm-3.30pm          -       Certificate Distribution


Why choose us?
      Quality dental training  with emphasis on one to one tutoring enabling each participant picks up the strong foundation of the concepts of laser dentistry.  
        Small batches -- batches limited to 7participants to provide quality education and clinical exposure. Exposure to soft tissue,hard tissue and therapy lasers with clinical exposures to all type of lasers.


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Dr. Archana Kishore

Oct 17, 2018

I had... right from the very first phone call I made from Australia to Dr Johar enquiring about his Advanced training on Laser Dentistry was incredible. I've noticed the diligence, the extra effort and most importantly..the simple yet very very powerful concept of exceptional service which Dr Johar and his team had projected during the ...whole length of the course was unimaginable. Coming to the advanced course...the venue for lecture sessions was very conveniently close to Dr Johar's practice. Every detail had been taken care of with careful planning and executed perfectly and consistently throughout the whole length of the course. The format of the lecture series is so carefully planned right from basics in lasers which includes Laser Physics and Safety training to Clinical Applications of Hard and Soft tissue Lasers in Modern Dentistry...The PM sessions were even more carefully planned with live demonstrations on patients and then had an opportunity to work on patients which was simply great. The best thing was the patients were so co-operative... Dr Johar ensured that each and every topic in dentistry where Laser can get through had been thoroughly explained, demonstrated and then finally work on patients for soft tissue procedures and hard tissue procedures was just beyond expectations. Finally, but not the least to say...Dr Kirpa Johar's textbook is simply outstanding guide to anyone who wish to practice Lasers. It is in simple language,easy to understand and apply in everyday practice...this book is what we need. Never in my practice I had been so confident to go out and try an extremely hi tech, ultra modern, minimally invasive procedures on my own client base here in Australia. I'm extremely grateful to Dr Johar's Academy of Laser Dentistry Research and Review for making such a beautiful course and giving me an opportunity to be one of your students. Highly recommend the course to anyone interested in up skilling in lasers. Thank you very much Dr Kirpa Johar and your highly efficient team of Dentists and assistants. LDRR is the future and wish you all the success and many more happy students!

Dr. Naiken Hari Krishna

Oct 17, 2018

Interesting advanced Dental Laser Course.Confident enough to implement dental laser in my practice in mauritius. Heartfelt thanks to Dr. Kirpa Johar for the course.

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